People often bring up their metabolism when having trouble losing or gaining weight.  My buddy would drink two pitchers of beer Friday night, empty half the syrup dispenser on his pancakes Saturday morning, and then curse out his metabolism when he wasn’t losing weight. To keep it real, I ask workout partners to track calories and macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats). Tracking eliminates the heresay, and lets us stick to the facts.  This is my favorite macronutrient goal calculator:

Tracking macros can be a pain in the ass, and most people eat the same things over and over. But I suggest tracking calories for at least a week or two. After awhile, you get a good sense of what and how much you should eat.




This is a fairly standard 4 day split for an advanced-intermediate lifter. An intermediate routine would cut this down to about 20 sets per workout. Not trying to invent some magical new routine, so this workout is comprised of core, fundamental exercises. No fads or gimmicks.


Bench press – 4 sets
Incline dumbbell press – 4 sets
Flies with cables or dumbbells – 3 sets
Landmine press – 4 sets
Front raise – 3 sets – with cables or dumbbells – underhand grip, emphasizing chest, not shoulders
Tricep cable pulldown – 3 sets
Close grip dumbbell press – 3 sets – using a different grip from the tricep cable pulldown


Pullups – 4 sets – can use machine or bands to assist
Low cable row – 4 sets
Bent over row – 4 sets
Lat pulldown – 4 sets
Straight arm pulldown – 3 sets – with cables and emphasizing lats, not chest.
Face pulls – 3 sets
Standing cable reverse flies – 3 sets
Biceps – 10 sets of various curls – it is my weakness.


Standing overhead press – 4 sets
Upright row – skip if feeling any discomfort whatsoever – 4 sets
Dumbbell overhead press – 4 sets
Front raise – 4 sets
Lateral raise – 4 sets
Face pulls – 4 sets


Squats – 4 sets
Stiff legged deadlift – 4 sets
Leg Press – 4 sets
Leg extension – 3 sets
Leg curl – 3 sets
Standing calf raise – 4 sets